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Poetry at Thames River Press

Date:  Friday 13th April 2012

Bruce Kawin's Love if We Can Stand It collections of poems. 

This book is written in many forms and voices, but it has one focus: the range of love and how we grow from the demands it makes on us. Bruce Kawin has found new ways to engage the reader in the full experience and contemplation of love, and he tells a good story. There is a sestina in which all the repeating words are names as a harried woman makes lunch for her family, a sonnet sequence re-imagined as a slide show, a menu from which the reader can select a relationship phase by phase and the short enthralling lesbian epic to which the book builds, Two Greek Women. There are poems about the love and hatred of God, romantic love, the death of a friend or a life partner, the metaphysics of love, the language of nature, a poetry of one-syllable words and even old horror movies. The book is tightly written,  full of original images and unforgettable lines, and conceptually and emotionally expansive, a fresh and dynamic contribution to contemporary literature in English.

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