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Best Selling Kindle Author Signs on for Trilogy

Date:  Sunday 15th April 2012

Conrad Jones, best-selling kindle author, signs 3 book publishing deal with Thames River Press

Thames River Press has agreed a three-book deal with thriller writer Conrad Jones.  The novels, The Child Taker, Criminal Revenge and Criminally Insane, featuring detective superintendent Alec Ramsay, are part of a nine book series, which stormed into the top ten Amazon thriller listings in 2011. Conrad reached #1 in three countries with his eBook novels and won an Amazon Readers’ Book of the Month award.  Thames River Press is set to publish the trilogy in September 2012.

In The Child Taker, when 5 year old twins are abducted from a tent in the Lake District and the hunt for a dangerous pedophile ring begins. Police procedure follows the premise that 60 percent of abducted children are murdered within the first four hours of being taken. The first hour is called "The golden hour" and the longer a child is missing, the less chance there is of them being recovered unharmed. The Child Taker follows the desperate search for the missing twins, led by Detective Superintendent Alec Ramsey.

In Criminal Revenge (formerly “Slow Burn”), when a bomb explodes outside the first mosque ever built in the UK, police suspect that it’s a racially motivated attack carried out by local right-wing extremists.  However, as DS Alec Ramsey’s investigation deepens, he uncovers a simmering feud between two families that goes back decades at the center of the attacks.  Ramsey finds himself struggling to bring the killers to justice as the looming shadow of international political influence begins to render his efforts increasingly in vain.

In Criminally Insane, DS Ramsay is called to an empty factory unit near the River Mersey where the body of a young woman is found hanging upside down from the rafters. The woman was brutally tortured to death and there are signs at the scene, which indicate other victims have suffered the same fate there. Ramsay tries to piece the puzzle together at the same time as keeping his shaky marriage together.

Author Biography

Conrad Jones is 44 years-old and lives in Warrington, Cheshire. He worked in senior management at McDonalds Restaurants from 1989-2002. On March 23rd 1993, he was managing the Restaurant in Warrington`s Bridge St when two Irish Republican Army bombs exploded directly outside the store, resulting in the death of two young boys and many casualties. Along with hundreds of other people there that day, Conrad was deeply affected by the attack, which led to a long-term interest in the motivation and mindset of terrorists and criminals. His early novels follow an elite counter terrorist unit, The Terrorist Task Force, and their enigmatic leader, John Tankersley, or `Tank`, while his latter novels in the “Soft Target” series feature Detective Superintendent Alec Ramsay.

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